As the world continues to struggle with COVID19, our team is in our office, working to help clients resolve complex family law matters. Our staff is taking every precaution to comply with social distancing measures and can meet with clients over phone or video conference, as well as in-person office meetings.

Contested Divorce Cases

Many of our clients come to us feeling as if an uncontested divorce will be impossible. Some of our clients understand that issues in their case will be highly contested, particularly when the parties have children, different parenting styles, high net worth, or considerable assets.

Take the first step in preparing for a contested divorce by setting up a consultation with one of our Seattle Divorce Attorneys. During the initial consultation, you can establish a plan and take the first steps towards preparing to file for the divorce or respond to a divorce if your spouse has already filed the petition.

Why Clients Choose Our Seattle Divorce Lawyers

At Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson, we are selective in the cases we take and limit our caseload so that we can give the proper amount of attention to each client. Our attorneys are focused on helping our clients at each stage of the case so that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

We understand that a divorce is a major transition in your life. But if it is done correctly, it can help you and your family find a brighter future, more happiness, and more financial success.

Our Seattle divorce lawyers are here to help you with your contested divorce case. We provide flexible payment plans which can help you find the most effective way to resolve your case and save your family money on legal fees overall.

We have an immense amount of experience handling complicated and complex divorce cases. Our attorneys know when to be aggressive and uncompromising and when to take a creative approach to solve problems that help both sides. We have the experience you need to fight for justice in your case as you protect your assets.

Call (206) 712-2756 to set up the initial consultation.

Types of Contested Divorce Cases We Handle in Seattle, WA

Our experienced Seattle Divorce Lawyers have handled a variety of highly contested divorce cases. We can help you settle the following types of contested issues that might arise including:

  • the equitable division of community property;
  • protecting property that should be classified as pre-marital or separate property; and
  • the enforcement of temporary issues while the divorce is pending.

Stages of a Contested Divorce Case in King County, WA

Our attorneys are experienced handling every stage of a contested divorce case including:

  • the pre-filing preparations before the petition for dissolution is served on the other spouse;
  • during any temporary hearing to decide the issues that will be pending before the final resolution;
  • during the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) phases of the case during mediation or arbitration; or
  • during a final hearing or trial when the court is asked to resolve any unresolved issues.

Finding Divorce Attorneys for a Contested Divorce in King County, WA

The first step is calling the firm to set a consultation. During the consultation, we can talk about the case and what you need to be doing right now to make the transition go as smoothly as possible.

We can help you during each stage of the contested divorce case in King County, WA, from taking action before the lawsuit is filed, or filing the petition for dissolution, to trial, if required, our attorneys are there to help. 

We can help you during each stage of the contested divorce case in King County, WA, from taking action before the lawsuit is filed, filing the petition for dissolution, resolving any temporary issues while the case is pending, and resolving the issues on a permanent basis during mediation or at trial.

The consultation allows you to start making plans now.

Call (206) 712-2756.

This article was last updated on Monday, March 16, 2021.

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